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DSP Electronics

Home of the Flex Fuel Emulator Module and other great products!

We are exactly what you need for your automotive solutions! We offer fast and 

easy solutions to fix common issues such as error code P0176, HID headlight flicker 

and even O2 sensor issues!


  • Ford Flex Fuel Emulator Module
  • General Motors Flex Fuel Emulator Module
  • Universal Fuel Cut Defender Module
  • Oxygen Sensor Emulator
  • Dodge SRT-4 MAP Clamp
  • Power On Delay Module
  • DSM & Honda ECU Chipping
  • DSM & Honda Custom Chips

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The DSP emulator modules are designed and assembled in the USA. We, personally, bench test every module to ensure the highest quality. Each module is made from quality components that can withstand even the harsh Midwestern winters. I, personally, have been using the Ford flex fuel emulator module on my Ford Ranger for years!







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